Starting from 20€ – cheap data packages – individual solutions

Save up to 80% in more than 185 countries

No hassle at arrival - immediately connected

No contract - activation in 2 minutes

Best travel sim card. Our technology is endorsed by some great brands

Worldwide Travel SIM card to save up to 80% on roaming. Use airtime for calls or data - as simple as that!

No Hassle at Arrival

Imagine you just arrived at the new airport in Istanbul, after a 9-hours flight carrying lots of luggage. First thing you need to do is to resolve buying a local SIM card to keep in touch with your beloved ones. 

The frustration! People don’t understand your language, no one really speaks proper English and they don`t understand your needs. The local SIM`s instructions is in a foreign language. Feeling alone and misunderstood, whilst observing people around you, smiling and clearly talking to their families?

Hhhmmmm, shouldn’t you have bought a roaming SIM card at home? 

“How convenient it must be to have an international SIM at hand that can be used wherever you travel, with no hassle?”


Starting from € 20.00 - Cheap Data Packages

Our basic SIM card includes € 12.00 airtime that can be used for voice or data. We don’t make a distinction between airtime and data – you can use your balance for both. Or benefit from even cheaper data with our data packages. Buy data packages for Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia & New Zealand or South Africa for the best experience on your trip overseas. 

Ask yourself, what is the true benefit of an international SIM card? The fact that you can call home from abroad at very low rates and receive any international call for free wherever you are! In general, local providers charge high rates when receiving international calls abroad.

It's simple - No Contract

With Urwold SIM, you buy airtime with your credit card and use it for voice or data – it`s really that simple!

There are NO hidden costs. You pay as you go, only for what you use. 

Check it out – you will save more than just a cup of coffee!

Want to know how our Travel SIM card works?

Urworld SIM’s unique technology connects to over 600 service providers via one number. Imagine ‘virtual SIM cards’ operating on one SIM card; roaming and changing automatically from one country to the next – this all happens in the background allowing seamless connectivity. 

You don’t ever need to buy local SIM cards again!

Want to connect to Urworld SIM?

Urworld SIM works for everyone

Whether you need to answer that important business call, receive an urgent e-mail; capture and instantly share that amazing picture; be available 24/7 for loved ones





Buy your Urworld SIM Card today!

Urworld SIM offers One Global SIM Card for Voice, SMS & Data at lowest international rates.

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