Some Reasons why you should use Urworld SIM when traveling!

Stay in touch with family & friends – use our Travel SIM card.

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No hidden costs. There are absolutely no hidden costs attached to our SIM card. You load a balance to it and use it for making calls, surfing on the Internet or send WhatsApp messages to your friends and family. Our SIM card is valid for 6 months beyond your last usage, which can be easily extended to 12 months for a small fee. Transparency is one of our core values!”

Go to our website to activate your sim

Step 1

Go to and follow the instructions on the website to register and choose your global number. You will receive a verification Email to confirm registration.

Easy to install Travel SIM card

Step 2

Turn off your mobile phone to exchange the SIM card, or use a second phone or phone with dual SIM. Snap out the correct SIM card size and insert it into your phone.

To use Urworld SIM, make sure that your phone has no SIM-lock.

No Contract. Flexibility is important to us and our clients. We offer a no-obligation service; easy top up using your credit card when your balance is low.  Easy to use Travel SIM card!

One SIM. Use it over and over again for all your travels! Arrive at your new destination and get in touch with your loved ones immediately. With Urworld SIM card you are always ready to go! No more waiting in line for buying a local SIM, which you expires after your trip.” 

Reboot - step 3

Step 3

Turn on your mobile phone and wait a few minutes while it searches for a network. Expect an SMS to confirm activation.

Check APN for data connection - Step 4

Step 4

In case data connection is unavailable automatically, make sure APN settings (Access Point Name) is set to “chili”. Click on video to view detailed instructions.

Manage on the Go. Download our easy SIM Management App called noi BOX (for iPhone or Android) to manage your SIM account on your smartphone. Top up, check your balance, subscribe for data packages on the go!”

No minimum lifetime. With Urworld SIM you don’t have to pay money month by month. You use your credit balance when you need it. No contractual obligation – no minimal lifetime.”

Step 5

In case data connection is still unavailable, make sure the preferred network is set to 3G depending on available networks. This function is found in “settings” on your phone.

Easy to use Travel SIM - Step 5

Step 6

Activate “Mobile Data” and “Data Roaming” for Internet, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Deactivate “Data Roaming” when not required.

Switch Mobile Data on - Step 6

Check your itemized billing on the go. Stay informed – All your transactions are recorded in real-time and are available for downloads or viewing on our noi BOX app.”

Get multiple local international numbers. In addition to your default global number, subscribe to local numbers and allow your contacts to call you at local rates. Also add virtual office numbers.”

Step 7

When making a call – make sure the prefix “+” and country code or “00” and country code (e.g. “+27” or “0027”) is added when dialling any local or international phone number.

Country codes required - Step 7

Frequently Asked Questions

You can to top up your account with a credit card via our website or our easy SIM Management App, noi BOX, on iPhone, Android.

There are no roaming charges in more than 120 countries. In some more exotic locations, local carriers are still charging a fee for incoming calls from overseas.

In case data connection is unavailable automatically, please check the following: 1) make sure Mobile Data is turned on (2) APN (Access Point Name) is set to “chili” on your phone (3) if that doesn’t help, set your preferred network to 2G/3G. These functions are all found in “settings” on your phone.

Once you have purchased or received a SIM card, you will need to register online and choose your global number (+44). Thereafter, you need to insert the SIM card into your phone which you will be using and wait for connectivity. Connectivity should happen within minutes (in some instances it might take longer).

Upon registering, you will be requested to upload your copy of ID or Passport to our website.

Urworld SIM subscription is free of charge. No contract is necessary. Urworld SIM will provide you with options for additional services which you will need to subscribe to.

Buy your Urworld SIM Card today!

Urworld SIM offers One Global SIM Card for Voice, SMS & Data at lowest international rates. We make it easy to use our Travel SIM card.

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