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Easy SIM Management App (NOI BOX)

Mobile App 1


After you downloaded and installed NOI BOX app from your app store (Google Play for Android or Apple Store for iPhones) do the following:

Login with your +44 number as shown in the screenshot and type in your password. Then click on ‘Login’ and off you go to manage your SIM card from your smartphone!

Mobile App NOI BOX opening screen

Manage your SIM card

On the opening screen, click on ‘SIM cards’ to enter the management functionality for your Urwold SIM card.

Mobile App 3

Overview of your SIM card

Once you entered the management screen for your SIM card, you can do many things:

  • view your current SIM card balance which can be used for voice or data
  • ‘Top up’ your balance with your credit card by clicking on the button
  • ‘Check Bundles’ to subscribe for data bundles for your travel country
  • subscribe for additional local phone numbers (if available)
  • or go into the SIM card settings (button in the lower right hand corner)
Manage your SIM card with the tip of your finger.
Mobile App 4

Top up your SIM card

Once you entered the ‘Top up’ menu, you can choose between ‘One time Top-up’ or ‘Automatic Top-up’. 

‘SIM Transfer’ even allows you to transfer some money from one SIM card to another. This is useful for groups that want to share a central account for all the credit/balance on several SIM cards within the group.
Mobile App NOI BOX Settings

SIM Card Settings

By clicking on the ‘Settings button’ on the low right hand corner of your screen a new pop up navigation window opens up. 

From this screen you can check:

  • your active data bundles
  • your SIM card settings
  • your activity report
  • you can check rates for a specific country or
  • even activate an additional SIM card under the current account.g

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